Brian's vast experience as an artist/ songwriter and producer has laid a strong foundation whereby 7 of the 8 demo tracks on my forthcoming album have either won awards or have been shortlisted in the ASA, TSA, Songsalive, Maldon and the Basin song comp. Brian gets me!”

— Cathy Dobson - songwriter/recording artist

The Bakery is a production studio dedicated to serving the artist and the song. 

Bring your songs to life with Uber Producer Brian Baker in his studio. Track vocals, guitars, keyboards, experiment with arrangements, examine song structures and lyrics, focus in on vocal delivery and presentation. Create stellar sounding CD's, demo's, explore song ideas, work with an award winning, experienced producer to make your work the best it can be. 
Brian has worked alongside - 
Eddie Rayner (Split Enz, Crowded House, The Makers, Paul McCartney) 
Hugh Padgham (The Police, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins) 
David Carr (Taxiride, Russell Morris, Kiss Chasey, Gradual) 
David Briggs (Little River Band, Australian Crawl, Skyhooks and too many more to mention…) 
and many more wonderful producers, engineers and musicians. 

He's had songs placed with other artists from The Uncanny X Men to Graeme Connors, publishing deals with Rondor, Universal and Fable Music. Recording deals with Sony and Warner Brothers. He has composed music for films, documentaries, short films, radio and TV advertising. 

The Bakery is a stripped down studio - sorry gear heads - no fancy pants retro knobs. Just a great set of RME A/D converters, transparent Joe Meek mic pre, a few well chosen microphones, Yamaha NS10 and Mackie speakers, all in a comfortable, semi isolated space. We don't often track drums, to record a drummer we usually head into David Carr's Rangemaster Studio in The Patch or David Briggs Studio in North Melbourne. What we do do is track great sounding guitars, horns, keyboards and vocals. (And Brian’s drum programming chops are sensational - more than enough to bring your song demo to life!) But what's more you get to pull apart your songs with Brian, see how they can be the best they can, work on recording great vocal takes, and come up with innovative, interesting arrangements for your tracks that will bring your music to life in ways you always dreamt of! Brian can add bass, guitars, keyboards, drums and the rest to bring your musical vision out in glorious technicolor. 

Give yourself and your songs a real lift. Happy to have a chat about rates, file compatibility with other Studios (we run Logic X), using some of the great musicians here in the Dandenong Ranges and any other questions about recording, songwriting and getting through the maze of the Music Industry. Call The Bakery on 0412 967 050

And look below! We now host the AirBnB Bakery Bungalow. So if you'd like to visit the Dandenong Ranges, record your songs and stay a while, the Bakery Bungalow is available for you. A comfortable, welcoming environment, ready for you to create your masterpiece.