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Just announced - Brian will be appearing at The Bay Of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival at various venues over 12-14th of August 2022. Also - The Leigh Sawmill Cafe on August 27th. Click here to go to shows for info and tickets.

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Brian Baker is set to present new and old songs and display his formidable guitar skills live on stage after a COVID inspired break and a move back home to New Zealand.

It's been a couple of years between drinks for Brian, in the sense of playing to live audiences. Back in 2019 in Melbourne he was regularly gigging with his band "Gradual" in addition to doing solo acoustic shows. But COVID and the move from Melbourne in 2020 to a beautiful permaculture property in Northland New Zealand have put a different spin on things. Multiple solo releases later, with a growing emphasis on his extraordinary guitar playing, he's ready to step the boards again with a very special solo show which celebrates not only Brian's great songwriting but his development as an outstanding and innovative blues guitar player. The show is laptop based, with the computer supplying specially recorded backing tracks over which Brian delivers his vocals and electric guitar. The effect is a tight, professional show, with a noise free stage as there's no guitar amps or drums and everything is delivered to Brian via in ear monitors. The FOH gets 6 discrete sends - Drums, Bass, BV's, Keyboards plus a live vocal and live electric guitar. Very simple and quick to set up and pull down and is sounding sensational!

Brian is a seasoned live performer, from doing countless club dates to touring with Eddie Rayner and Michael Barker as The Makers plus everything in between. He's the consummate frontman, adept at connecting with an audience. He's releasing a new EP called "Open Up Your Heart" on June 24th and his last release, "Everywhere You Go" is featured on the Air New Zealand Flight playlist and has just tipped 100,000 plays on Spotify. Check out the clip, filmed by the talented local cinematographer Fred Renata. See below for Spotify, Facebook and Instagram links plus some YouTube footage of Brian performing with Eddie Rayner at the Waiheke Island International Jazz Festival. There's also a pre-release listen to one of the tracks from the upcoming EP, to be released 24th June 2022.

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A review of the "Open Up Your Heart" EP from



Brian Baker is an established Kiwi songwriter whose career spans 40 years and is still going strong. 

His latest release is a 5-track EP entitled Open Up Your Heart and it brilliantly showcases Brian's musical experience and the journey that his art has taken him on. Tracking and production on this release are both excellent due to Brian owning and managing his own recording studio called 'The Bakery'. Every track is perfectly constructed and reflects what has to be hours of painstaking work. 

The opening title track is a fine reggae groove that combines electronic drums and samples with great vocal melodies and the first taste of Brian's magic guitar playing. It's a great laid back feel and would be a perfect set opener in his live show. The track is a new arrangement of a song Brian originally wrote back in 2018 so I am keen to hear and compare both versions. 

New Kind of Blue launches with some great bass playing reminiscent of The Cure and Icehouse. With just the right amount of compression the bass drives this second track along and helps to showcase more of Brian's subtle guitar playing. Definitely a great track for driving. I can feel the wind in my hair with this one up loud. 

Track 3 Fool is my favourite and here is why: 

This song is a master-class combination of NZ and Aussie songwriting styles. 

Brian has spent a considerable amount of time in both countries during his music career and I love the combination of the experience he has gained from both sides of the Tasman. 

This song is very Crowded House in the way that it is arranged. The music glides between the bass and guitar hooks that open the song into a completely different acoustic direction for the verses. Well-structured chord changes throughout the verses allow the song to rise into a natural minor drop for the chorus. This is the "Crowdy" bit. 

You should have a listen. It's really good. 

The changes in the bridge section are where the master-class action resides. 

Again - go check it out. 

I feel like Brian just can't help himself and there just has to be a Guitar Solo. But hey  he is damn good at it so why not. There is another cracker solo here and an ad lib outro to finish a great song. 

A version of a Tori Amos song Cornflake Girl is up next. There is a story behind this and it goes something like this: 

Brian says: “We were doing a live TV show as 'The Makers' in Sydney back in the early 1990’s”. “And the other musical guest on the show was Tori Amos doing a piano vocal performance of Cornflake Girl. 

We were blown away by her immense talent and this particular song. I’ve always wanted to do my own take on it so here it is”. 

The EP closes out with Blue Water Meditation and it's an excellent instrumental that allows Brian to unwind with some more of his guitar skills. It's a cruise. 

I have to admit that I had not heard of Brian's music before raising my hand for this review. 

I am now a new fan. 

Brian is an excellent musician that takes his craft seriously and puts the extra effort into making his music shine. 

I will definitely be checking out his back catalogue and following along with future releases. 

Well done Sir. 

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ ( 5 / 5 )